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Fifth Annual Conference of the Oregon Stroke Network Designation of Levels of Stroke Care Delivery in the Oregon Network: What is your contribution to statewide excellence?

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September 8 - Nursing Symposium Objectives

After taking part in this symposium, participants will be better able to:

  • Understand the triage based timeframes and the urgency of care delivery for the acute stroke patient in the ED
  • Identify strategies to apply best practice in acute stroke care related to swallow screens, Vital signs and Neuro checks after tPA and the use of NIHSS
  • Identify team roles to participate in the collaborative team environment in acute stroke care

    Nursing Symposium Agenda

    1230-1300 Registration, Gather & Welcome
    1300-1400 Pathophysiology of Stroke; Collaborative Team Environment; Importance of Triage and Urgency Swallow screen - Amy Ross & Susie Fisher Download Presentation
    1400-1500 VS and Neuro checks after tPA- Karen Ellmers Download Presentation
    1500-1515 Break
    1515-1700 NIHSS in plain English - Sandy Dancer Download Presentation

    September 9 - Conference

    After taking part in this symposium participants will be better able to:

  • Identify strategies for participation in collaborative teams both within your agency and statewide
  • Identify work to be done to optimize functional outcome based on evidence related acute stroke treatment and secondary prevention
  • Identify strategies to implement public policies that support stroke systems of care and improve health outcomes for stroke patients

    Conference Agenda

    0730-0815 Registration and light breakfast
    0815-0845 Welcome: Jay Henry . CEO SCHS . Bend Intro: 2010 Oregon Stroke Network goals and achievements Speaker: Dr. Ray Englander Download Presentation
    0845-0930Stroke Centers: Creation, Criteria & Classification Are we there yet? Debate continues about how to become stroke centers, moving to trauma analogous system with EMS triage. How will we develop the net work around the varied hospital resources around the state Speaker: Linda Brown, RN MS Download Presentation
    1000-1045 Stroke but not a Stroke . When to give TPA Speaker: Dr. Elaine Skalabrin Download Presentation
    1100-1215 Legislating Stroke Healthcare Policy in Oregon: Where do we stand? How can this work for us? Is there relevance to our care delivery? Speaker: Dr. John Moorhead Panel Moderator: Dr. Ritu Sahni Download Presentation
    1245-1330Lunch Presentation: Your role in improving the best functional outcome related to acute stroke treatment and secondary prevention? Interventions and Outcomes, Acute Stroke Treatment and Secondary Prevention, Presentation of abstracts Speaker: Dr. Lisa Yanase Download Presentation
    1345-1515 Workgroups. How can we contribute? What have we contributed? Goals? ED/EMS, Providers/Administrator & Telestroke, Stroke 2011 Acute Care Update ED/EMS, Providers/Administrator, Stroke 2011 Acute Care Update
    1530-1630 WRAP IT UP, joint session, all attendees: what have we learned, what are goals and actions?

    Conference Faculty
    Ray Englander
    Linda Brown
    Sandy Dancer
    Karen Ellmers
    Susie Fisher
    John Moorhead
    Nick Okon
    Amy Miner Ross
    Ritu Sahni
    Elaine Skalabrin
    Lisa Yanase

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